We support the noble task of producing food and using sustainable practices


For exporters, agricultural producers, small and medium entrepreneurs from Latin American who need support in the search and identification of a niche in the European market.

Tierra Productiva is an intermediation program between companies from Latin American and the European market. Particularly in the sectors of certified and high-quality sourced products such as coffee, cocoa, handicrafts, fresh tropical fruits, fruit pulps, among others.

This program is created by Mrs. Beatriz Velásquez, director of the B.V.BFoundation whose purpose is to create transparent and shorter supply chains, connecting suppliers of Latin American origin with final customers, meaning wholesalers, of course, sharing the knowledge and latest advances on the world of Latin American productivity and its contribution to the global economy.

We are very proud to be one of the leading independent connecting bridges in the world of commerce. Relying on experienced human resources, we will support you when you need to carry out analyzes and market views to decide your purchase/sale. Our transparency and track record are important to us, so you will have the support of a professional team to follow the product until its final delivery.

We pride ourselves on having long-term business relationships with quality suppliers and customers. With our passion, commitment, and daily presence in the value chain, we have created and hope to continue to maintain a solid position in the market.

Fortunately, we have the support of many associates around the world to continue to develop our work in the best way possible. Since our inception 5 years ago, many lasting relationships have been built over time, based on trust, commitment, and knowledge.


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