We support the noble task of producing high-quality food and products and using sustainable practices.


Tierra Productiva is an intermediation program between companies of originating American and the European market. More precisely in the sectors of certified and high-quality products of origin such as coffee, cocoa, handicrafts, fresh tropical fruits, fruit pulps, wood, seeds, artisan jewellery, companies of services and innovation. Among many other ventures seeking favourable space in the European market thus supplying its demand for products sustainable biologicals of Latin American origin. 

This program is created by Mrs Beatriz Velasquez, director of the FoundationBVB . whose goal is to create transparent supply chains, literally shorter, connecting providers of Hispanic American origin with end customerswholesalers and of course, share the knowledge and latest advances on the world of Latin American productivity and its contribution to the global economy. We are very proud to be one of the leading connecting bridges independents in the world of commerce. Counting on human material experienced, we will support you when you need to perform analysis and views of the market to decide its purchase/sale, and each contract is backed by a team professional to follow the product until the final delivery of the product. 

We pride ourselves on having long-term business relationships with suppliers and quality customers. And with our passion, commitment and daily presence in the chain value, we have created and hope to continue to maintain a solid position in the market