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 Business relationship with     Latin America 

The Tierra Productiva project was established to put Latin American suppliers, products and entrepreneurs on the map of the European market. Tierra Productiva is led by Beatriz Velàsquez, director of the BVB Foundation.

B.V.B. is an organization that supports culture and products from Latin America in the Netherlands.

Productive Land helps Latin American suppliers, products and entrepreneurs

establish in the European market by coaching them, informing them and putting them in contact with a large network of European entrepreneurs. The coaching and information are provided by

seasoned migrant entrepreneurs from different parts of Latin America, who have already earned their place in the European market. Together they continuously work on innovation in growth within their own branches. To bring the Latin American entrepreneurs or producers in contact with the European market, but also vice versa, Tierra organizes Productiva or Hispanic American Business Expo.

The business event where you learn, taste and experience everything when it comes to the Latin American market and its suppliers, producers and entrepreneurs.

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