The Latin American Trade Agency


Connecting businesses across continents

For European companies, our agency can find the way to bring them in contact with suitable partners. For Latin countries to find buyers for their products in Europe and the UK..

The agency is just started, so we focus at this moment in finding business contacts between companies in the European Union, the UK and connect them with Latin American entrepreneurs or the other way round. We commit to stimulate trade and when possible assist when local problems occur in regulations, transport or needed knowledge.

Every export company on both sides of the ocean can ask for assistance. Because this agency started in August 2018, the amount of clients will grow in the coming period. Support for all products is possible: food, drinks and wine, clothes, trucks, pharmacy, machines, name it. We work on "No cure no pay basis" and our fee will be based on the deal value. At this moment we are searching for buyers in Europe and the UK for biological products. Feel free to contact us if we see possibilities to help your company and let the Ocean Wide Tradeway being well used!